Hours Login

Please note that EWMS Teen Korps members are responsible for logging their own service hours online at the Kids Korps website for all chapter projects and meetings, as well as any other community service performed independently through other organizations such as Scouts or religious organizations.  The only time you do not have to enter your hours online is when you participate in an individual Kids Korps project by signing up for it on the Kids Korps online project calendar. If you have any questions about this, please click here to contact chapter leaders.

Step-by-step instructions for entering your service hours for chapter projects and meetings online are as follows:

Please visit the Kids Korps member login page by clicking on the red button above and enter your User Name and your Password (which is case sensitive and will be invisible as you type it).   You will be taken to the “Account Menu” page.

Next, click on the “Add Independent Hours” button.

Next, at the top of the page, you will see, in red lettering, the following warning, which you should please IGNORE –

“Please read:
1) Do not enter hours here for Kids Korps projects, which will result in double-entry. This area is only for independent volunteer hours earned outside of Kids Korps. In other words, if you signed up on the project calendar, please don’t enter your hours here.
2) You may only enter hours for volunteer time at legitimate charitable agencies.
3) When entering independent hours, round the time to the nearest quarter-hour (Example: 1.25 hours; 1.5 Hours; 1.75 Hours; 2.0)”

The above message only pertains to projects that you may have registered for independently on Kids Korps calendar.  It does not apply to our chapter projects, which you’ve signed up for on this website and participated in with other EWMS Teen Korps chapter members.

Next, view the categories on the page below, and please enter the information as follows:

Member Name – Select the teen member’s name from the drop down menu (parents are welcome to track their hours separately under their own names)
Project Start Date – If you can’t recall date, click here for past project detail sheets on our website.
Project End Date – All our projects start and end on same date.
Hours – If you can’t recall the total number of hours spent on the project, this can be found on past project detail sheets on our website.
Project Description – Describe the project in one sentence.
Agency – Find the appropriate agency from the dropdown menu (for example, “San Diego Food Bank”) If you’re unsure which agency sponsored the project, you can find this information on past project detail sheets on our website.  When entering a 1/2 hour for monthly chapter meetings, please pick “chapter project” from the agency dropdown box.
Chapter – Earl Warren Middle School
Category – Pick the appropriate category from the dropdown menu. If it was a chapter meeting, please pick “leadership and education”.

Click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the page.

Next, you will see a message stating:

“Your independent hours were received. Please submit verification by fax to (760) 452-2675 or by e-mail to info@kidskorps.org.”

For all chapter projects, you may ignore this message as there is no need to sumbit any additional verification.  Your EWMS Teen Korps Chapter Leaders will submit the sign-in sheet as verification of your participation, which is all that’s necessary.   For projects completed independently for any service organization, you must send in an independent project verification form, which can be found by clicking here.

You may now log out, and your service hours will be credited to your Kids Korps account profile.

At any time, if you’d like to check service hours you’ve accrued throughout the year, you may log on to your profile at the above link, and on the “Account Menu” page, there is a section titled “My Volunteer Hours” and if you click “View”, you will see your total hours to-date.

lf you have trouble logging on with your Kids Korps profile or have systems related issues, please contact Kids Korps by phone at (858) 500-8136 or email at info@kidskorps.org.  They generally respond immediately anytime Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm or early the next day if you send an email after hours.

Please remember, you’re responsible for logging in your volunteer hours for both chapter service events and chapter meetings (during which you earn .5 hour of community service credit).

Based on service hours earned and entered into the Kids Korps system, EWMS Teen Korps members are eligible for the following community service awards  –

1) Presidential Service Award for various age groups/award levels:

Presidential Bronze Level Award
Kids: 50 to 74 hours
Young Adults: 100 to 174 hours

Presidential Silver Level Award
Kids: 75 to 99 hours
Young Adults: 175 to 249 hours

Presidential Gold Level Award
Kids: 100 hours or more
Young Adults: 250 hours or more

For purpose of the Presidential Service Awards “kids” are ages 5-14, “young adults” are ages 15-25.

2) Kids Korps Service Award for various age groups:

Kids Korps  Award  (up to age 14) 25 hours or more
Teen Korps Award (ages 14-25) 50 hours or more
Adults Kids Korps Award- 75 hours or more

3) EWMS Seahawk Award:

At the end of each school year during the annual awards ceremony, EWMS administration recognizes outstanding students in various categories and presents each with a Seahawk award certificate.  The Seahawk award for EWMS Teen Korps members is typically given to those in the top 25% of our chapter, calculated by number of service hours that appear in their Kids Korps online profiles by May 1st.  Please note that the Seahawk award criteria is subject to change each year, based on EWMS administration guidelines.

Please remember that community service hours are accrued each membership year from September 1st-August 31st to correspond approximately with the school year. Presidential and Kids Korps awards are given at the Kids Korps Service Award Ceremony in the Fall each year; Seahawk awards are given at the EWMS awards ceremony at the end of the school year.  Members are responsible for entering hours and ensuring their Kids Korps online profiles are updated and display the correct number of service hours by May 1st to be eligible for the EWMS Seahawk award and by August 31st to be eligible for both the Presidential and Kids Korps awards.