Earl Warren Middle School (EWMS) Teen Korps is an enthusiastic group of 7th & 8th grade students serving their community by participating in local service projects.  We welcome and encourage any EWMS student to join us – it’s a great way to give back to our community while spending time with EWMS friends and families!  Plus, teens will earn credit for their service hours, which accrue towards prestigious service awards.

There are no specific requirements for participation other than membership in Kids Korps/Teen Korps ($32.50/yr), which includes the teen and parents. The membership year begins September 1st and ends August 31st of the following year to correspond approximately with the school year. To join the EWMS Teen Korps chapter and participate in any of our scheduled service activities or monthly chapter meetings, please click on this link for membership registration via the Kids Korps website.

We schedule at least two local community service activities each month to participate in as a chapter on a Saturday or Sunday, but there is no pressure for members to attend a certain number of projects.  We’re always open to new service ideas from teen members, whether it’s a project listed on the Kids Korps calendar or a project found on their own.  Many teens have a particular passion for a service activity and have spread their enthusiasm to the rest of the EWMS chapter, gaining participation from EWMS friends and families.

EWMS Teen Korps holds monthly chapter meetings once a month at school during lunchtime. Members bring a bag lunch and meet to decide on future chapter projects and hear from members who participated in recent service events. Homemade goodies are usually provided by a Teen Korps family and served after lunch (please contact us if you’re a Teen Korps parent who’s interested in providing an after-lunch treat at a meeting!)

In addition to monthly chapter meetings, if members are working on a project or collection drive, additional lunchtime meetings will be held at school; check this website or the EWMS Seahawk Daily email for updates.  Again, there’s no obligation to attend, but if a project interests you, please join us.

Click here for a calendar of all EWMS Teen Korps projects and chapter meetings, and please join us soon!

If you have questions about EWMS Teen Korps, please check the FAQs on this website, or please don’t hesitate to click here to contact us.

Thanks for your interest in EWMS Teen Korps!


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