African Library Project a great success!

Laila Voss, Erin Bentel, Mrs. Tiffany Bentel, Ms. Pat Tirona and Elizabeth Honeycutt sort and box books at the Bentel’s home for the African Library Project.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the Bentel family for picking up and storing all the donated books and then allowing us to use their home today as the staging/packing area for the African Library project.

EWMS Teen Korps members and families, under the direction of Ms. Pat Tirona, EWMS Solana Beach librarian, met at the Bentel’s home this afternoon for a poolside sorting and packing party, but there was no time for splashing in the pool!  There was work to be done to sort and box well over 1000 donated books and other items, which will soon be on their way to a town in Ghana to start the Twenedrase Community Library.

Many thanks to all book donors and members who participated in this project! Kudos to our three EWMS Teen Korps leaders for the project, Erin Bentel, Laila Voss and Elizabeth Honeycutt, for their hard work.  More photos from the African Library Project and today’s packing party can be found on our website’s photo page here.

You can also read articles about the African Library Project on the Kids Korps website at this link and on the Teen Korps Facebook page at this link.

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